February 7, 2010

I want my blog to be an account of all my dating mishaps and failures, this is one of them.  Thank goodness for the monumental amount of snow DC received, or I wouldn’t of had time to think this out throughly.  I am pretty famous for my hilarious letters to people, thus enjoy Mr. Margarita’s letter!  Yes I did this a week before V-day, how very smart of me..

“Mr. Margaritas, my strongest mode of expression is through written words thus since I have obviously failed in explaining myself thoroughly to you verbally, I thought this was the best way to convey some issues I have been having lately with this relationship.

Mr.Margaritas you are a nice guy, you don’t like hurting people’s feelings, but sometimes physical, non-verbal actions speak far louder than our own words.  You just don’t  seem like you want to be emotionally attached to  anyone at this point, well not me at least.  I am not daft.  I have tried many times to become closer physically, yet you push me off or are extremely awkward/uncomfortable; brushing off the issue with a joke.   I thought at first it was because you were shy or very modest, but it’s been a few months now.  You don’t like or want to kiss me and that hurts me.  Screaming to me, I must have low self-esteem if I keep allowing these string of events to happen.

I could be totally reaching in the dark here, but maybe you just don’t like me that much?  I am purely a rebound person  from your last relationship.  Possibly you still have feelings for her(you hardly talk about her), 3 years is quite a long time to be with someone you cared about.  Personally I think it takes a while to get over someone, it’s hard.  I know that.  Sometimes physically we could be ready to move on, but our minds have yet to catch up with our bodies.

I apologize if I am physco analyzing here, but I am trying so very hard to figure out your intentions.

I know my own intentions pretty clearly.  I know for a fact I can’t keep up a “friends with benefits” package with you, never ends well, and openly speaking I want something more.  I want a relationship with a potential future with someone.  I might be busy, but if I care for someone, I don’t mind at all making time for them.  Work and school can be lonely and unfulfilling by themselves; I just want to be in a relationship with another, who can help that work day or week go by a little bit smoother/ make a little bit brighter.  A person who will be there for me and I will be there for them, to have someone there to listen to you at the end of the day.  It’s a mutual feeling, can’t be one sided, both people should be enthusiastic for one another and want to know each other deeper.  Cliché I know.

Mr. Margaritas  you rarely ask me questions about myself and when I try to inquire about your own life and such, you just laugh at me, skirt the question with a joke or haphazard comment.
After 4 months I don’t think you really know anything about me and I you, or at least that’s the way it feels to me.

I don’t know about you, but since I started dating you, I haven’t seen anyone else, but maybe I was wrong in doing so..

I think you are an extremely nice, kind, funny, compassionate, care-free, handsome person who obviously cares very much for his family and friends, that knows what he wants for his future, who can believe in some force higher than himself (quite humbling), and that wants a family someday. All these qualities I have been looking for in someone for so long, you are a very positive person, I would love to get to know you better!  I just wish you were more willing to open up, but it simply means you don’t really want to be with me or even want to integrate me in these interactions of your life.  I want to be included and include someone else in my life, clearly I have told my friends, coworkers, and family about you, but I am unsure if you have done the same.  I am done having members of the opposite sex just doing what they please and me allowing them to do so, I then become attached this idea that was never there in the first place.
I have tried multiple times to end this because I knew this would occur; maybe it’s just best we not see each other again.

One lined response goes to the man:
“Hey You.  I hear what you are saying. Give me a few days to think about it? But you know I’ll support whatever you feel like you need to do. Enjoy the snow.
-Mr. Margaritas”
Aka this relationship is at it’s end and I think I will stay away from the sauce and for a good month and a half folks.
Have A Good Valentines Day Week everyone!  I know I will especially with all these chocolate, flower, diamond commercials bombarding my retinas.

Bloody Sunday

January 30, 2010

Valentine’s Day Is Comical

Christian martyrs transformed to cherubs on a greeting card, don’t ask me, but Valentine’s Day as always been a funny “holiday”.  Good news it’s on a Sunday this year, no awkward look arounds in the office, anxiously checking to see that you are not the only one without a bundle of flowers or chocolates.  Cliches abound on Feb.14th no doubt about that one.   Maybe it will rain?

It was so much easier when you were in grade school.  We were all made to feel special with our Ninja Turtle Be Mines and those  cute teddy bear I heart you’s.  Valentine’s Day was like a second Halloween, chocolate and heart shaped lollipops to my heart’s content.  My mother made it into her own celebration for all things soft and red, she still after 24 years sends me a red stuffed animal of some sort and candy, every Feb. 14th.  I am not quite sure what she gets from this  particular holiday, but to each her own.

Valentine’s Day was so clear cut, but now it’s just a bit messy, when is it appropriate to actually celebrate it with someone else?  Clearly if you are an established couple, that have been together for a while, no real drama there, but what if you are not?  Do you even bring up the topic without making yourself look wholly ridiculous or just shrug it off your shoulders, eat some chocolate and watch a movie, go to sleep, and forget another V-day, came, and went with nothing remarkably exciting to tell friends the following week.

Mr. Margaritas & I have kept up with our weekly sojourns since October, which have included a meeting of each other’s mutual friends, coworkers, but no family members just yet.

4 months isn’t a very long time, I believe  Mr. Margaritas & I will pleasantly or unpleasantly surprise each other come February. The “talk” is coming on the horizon and  I might end up answering my unanswered emails on after all, only time will tell…

Kiss Up

December 20, 2009

They say you have  a fairly large quantity of nerve receptors on your lips.

So why wouldn’t one want to use them with their significant other?

I don’t believe this “some men don’t like kissing” cop out, give me a break.  I think if you like someone you couldn’t keep your lips off them, in my opinion, kissing is one of the best things about being in a relationship with someone else.  Forget everything else, kissing is my favorite part of the whole package.

Again the question, why wouldn’t someone you have been seeing for over 2 months, not like kissing, neither in public nor in the private of one’s own home.  Seriously “making out” is not a part of Mr. Margarita’s vocabulary.

I have a few reasons of my own:

a.) Bad breath, but if you brush your teeth/floss 3 times daily, and use a minty mouth wash, plus brush your teeth before you meet up with the boyfriend/girlfriend, this shouldn’t be a problem.

b.) I have made up this “Pretty Woman” reason, o.k. here’s my thinking: remember when Julia Roberts says no kissing allowed with Richard Gere on that first paid visit, aka kissing is too personal, I guess even for a prostitute.  Don’t ask me. Maybe kissing is too intimate of a gesture for this particular individual for some crazy, wacky reason, I can’t seem to put my finger on.

c.) They are a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad kisser.  But really I mean by a certain age I think most of us have this act pretty much down to a science, or that’s just me.

d.) I am just that ugly or my lips are funky.

O.k. those are my reasons, give me some of yours!  I am truly baffled by this equation.  Have others experienced this odd phenomenon?

text messageWhat if Shakespeare had an Iphone maybe Hamlet would of been written differently..

Why hello boys and girls, seems like ages since I have posted an entree, but it’s been mad crazy at work, and all my dating powers have gone to waste due just to lack of interest in’s pool of potential suitors at the moment.  I mean the bot only spits out males from Maryland to me now, who a majority live way out of my 30 mile radius.  I guess the d.c. chemistry crowd isn’t much or has dwindled since I have joined.

One awesome lesson I did learn in the past month was to never tag a past suitor Mr. Stalker, because he will end up stalking you back, or just perhaps typing in “being noticed versus being interested on” into google and lo and behold out comes my blog.  Thank you internet gods for smiting me with your righteous hand of dating justice!

I am here to entertain, so yes it was a bit embarrassing, but I am not going to stop writing about my experiences.  I just think I need to start giving out consent forms to my future dates.  “Will you please sign on the bottom line that your alias forever on my blog will be Mr. Stalker? Please and Thank You”


Speaking of Mr’s, a large part of my slow halt on the website was because for the month of October, Mr. Margaritas and I had been casually going out on dates every Friday to various places in the district or Arlington/Alexandria (I rarely used to venture out to northern va, but I did discover the very cool Galaxy Hut in Clarendon).  The commute on both of our parts was quite time consuming, we liked hanging out, but we were wanting different things i.e. he stated to me 6 dates in, that he just got out of a 3 year relationship.  Baggage, no thank you…  So instead of wasting our time going back and forth, it was best to just end things.  I won’t lie I was a bit sad to see my Friday night darting buddy/potential company X-mas party date go , but what can you do? Move on, with another dating mishap under your belt.

The New York Times actually did a very cool piece on commuting relationships in NYC:  long distance relationships can they really last?


Stemming from my fourth date with Mr. Margaritas, I found myself in a semi-sticky situation, that I found myself asking other female friends their opinions on the subject.  What is the correct protocol for text messages?  I mean after the date, how soon is too soon to text the datee?  I mean it’s nice to give a thumbs up, a thanks, or it was fun text, but not everyone feels the same about it, is a text like a phone call?  Must we wait a certain amount of days before we can respond to a text or send out that text asking about a next potential date?  I don’t know, seriously I am a bit clueless on this subject.

There probably is no such thing as texting protocol and I am just making this all up because I tend to text my way into conversations instead of picking up the phone and calling someone, ha.  I guess that makes me a bit lame.  I think receiving a text message is much more fun, what can I say?

I am having no luck with my fellow Virginians thus my saga continues with the Maryland Men…..

*There is A Good Article on Texting Protocol:

Digital Love

October 21, 2009

dpMy sentiment exactly multicolored humanoid…

I am not sure what is worse speed dating or first dates set up via digital media?  At least with speed dating all the contestants are set up right in front of you from the start, no awkward look arounds at the restaurant or outside the meeting spot.  Those first few moments before meeting someone in person for the first time is pretty daunting, well at least I think so.  Dates could take a quick look and then dash for the door if they wanted to, maybe I should of took that route on a few of these, ha! Kidding.  That is pretty cruel.


Mr. Seattle slowly but surely morphed into Mr. Stalker, I should of been more cautious than gracious.  After a total of 5 unanswered voicemails and multiple emails on absolutely nothing, I think possibly he received the hint.  Mr. Stalker’s over zealousness got to me and wore me out, I couldn’t keep up with it, and I just needed space.  I should of got the hint of this when he texted me a total of 20-30 minutes after the first date…


Surprisingly Mr. Margaritas sent me a mid week text, asking how I was.  I was not expecting that at all.  Mr. Margaritas and I ended up going on an impromptu second date on Friday in my neighborhood.  This date consisted of  a rousing game of Uno(I won all games by the way).  Mr. Margaritas was a gentleman the entire night(not sure why I didn’t see this on the first date) and he talked of “future” get togethers.  The second go around, we had more to talk about, and I really enjoyed our conversation on religion, it was kind of refreshing.  The tentative third date is set for this coming Friday, where I venture out to northern Virginia.


Mr. RIT and I had been emailing each other since the beginning of my joining  These emails were small and pretty boring, we didn’t really discuss much.  I learned more about him on the first date, then I did from the 10 emails we sent to each other.  After a weekend delay some weeks back, we decided to meet on a week night, after I got off work in Crystal City for dinner at Teds.  I was mighty tired from the work week, so I opted out not to drink anything, and had a small burger.  Mr. RIT and I, had the most a-typical first date, we didn’t have any qualms about going with the old standards of favorite movies, hometowns, favorite tv shows, favorite vacations, and excerpts about our own families.  I learned Mr. RIT was from upstate NY, went to RIT which I learned has a 95% male student population, go figure; by way of NY he ended up in Houston, which he didn’t really enjoy but he did work for NASA at the time, so that was the perk of Texas.  Basically our date was just a nice, normal dinner that ended with very standard “let’s get together” sometime soon emails.  I just don’t think we really clicked at all, we just didn’t have anything in common really, but  at least we were very good at keeping up appearances when we did meet.


The Professor(in reality he is just a PhD student living in DC) was my wild card.  The Professor’s emails were stunning, they were witty and clever, he blew everyone else out of the water with his knowledge of music, movies, poetry, and being from my area of Virginia was a definite plus as well.  Digitally and verbally I thought he was “the one”, this would be the date that would shame the others under a rock. Ha!  Never be over optimistic, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

The Professor suggested we meet up on a Monday night at Rocket Bar in Chinatown.  I never had the best experiences at this bar, maybe because I always went on a weekend after the movies.  The bar was practically empty at 8:30, which I didn’t mind, all the games were open(but not once did I use them that night).  Also the bartender I had actually was able to talk, that’s never happened with me at this bar, they usually were far too busy to even hand me a drink.

I ended up being the first one at the bar for a good 20 minutes and while sitting on my stool, I heard someone ask for a drink, I turned around, and it was the Professor.   I was the first one to greet him and now that I think about it, he didn’t say one word when we initially first met, there was just awkward silence on his end.  This was the trend of the night, as I sipped on my beer, and just kept getting chattier and chattier, and I asked alll the questions.  The Professor put in a few words from now and again, but I did most of the talking which is quite odd if you really know me.  Not like what I was saying was very coherent, I was just babbling because he wouldn’t talk, or take initiative with the conversation, so my talk box just went on autopilot,and my brain was screaming (what the hell are you talking about?).  I even asked for a Red Stripe one hour in, which I don’t even drink, seriously that bottle bothers me, I think the one sided convo was getting to me.

After much probing we discovered we had a few things in common, weird things, but still I guess it was a start.  Two hours in, after the Professor had demonstrated the rude/bored/far away look ( turning of the head looking elsewhere, not saying anything while I talked) far too many times, I just wanted to go home, or at least finish my Red Stripe without him there.   Maybe talk to the bartender(I did, while said Professor was in the bathroom, asked him how he thought the date was going, no comment). I even told the Professor multiple times he looked tired and I am sure he had to get up early for the single class he teaches once a week.  11:00 pm we mutually decided to go our separate ways.  He walked to the metro and I decided to take a short walk to the bus, I even complemented him on his jacket before he left, one last failed attempt at being nice.  I think he hurriedly said something about exchanging emails in the future, ha emails, yeahh I doubt that, him and I both knew that.

I think the Professor was seeking some of this unfortunately I am not that.  I am a dental receptionist that happens to like reading and music.

My Red Stripe doused mind was even thinking of sending him an email later that night stating we should never talk to each other again.   Ha, but my sober mind in the morning thanked me for not letting the craziness seep out, I mean why waste good emails on disinterested Professors?

Halloween Plans? Halloween Dates………..

Call Of The Wild

October 12, 2009

WolvesI am no She Wolf but I noticed this past weekend the animalistic tendencies of  others.

Date One with Mr. Margaritas (he enjoyed  girly/fruity drinks)  started out at the very loud, very bright Cafe Citron I had to scream all my questions and comments out over the sound of random whistle blows ( I was told Latin music  encompasses whistles?  per Mr. Margaritas), techno/salsa mixes, strobe lights, and scantly glad women dancing on tables and walls.  It was defiantly a jungle of a place, but I will say they had tasty mango margaritas, and through all the madness our server was very attentive the entire time.  I learned through the roar of the music that Mr. Margaritas was a graduate of JMU, had 2 older sisters one who was named after his father’s winning horse, he was Puerto Rican with a name like Mr. Margaritas,  and was in training to become a Paramedic/Firefighter in Fairfax County.  That was the extent of our conversation, yes a lot of sipping of mango margaritas, and just looking around at the colorful scenery.

My head was throbbing with the pounding of incoherent techno beats, so I suggested we head to U street instead, thus in part due to my decision this leads us to Local 16.  I had been there once before on a weeknight, a very slow weeknight, and  I enjoyed the atmosphere and the decor.  Friday night it was defiantly a totally different place, it was packed for one, so we went upstairs to the dance floor bought a few non-girly drinks, and just basically stood around.  Now I was being hit over the head with rap lyrics and I knew none of the songs, but apparently Mr. Margaritas knew them all, and they were all “good tunes”.

This is when the story becomes interesting. I was just sipping on my drink, looking at the heavy set middle aged man a few feet away from me singing/dancing to a Jay-Z song when lo and behold comes a pack of dark haired temptresses all in little black dresses.  They form the oh so familiar “circle” and slowly but surely their circle moves closer and closer to Mr. Margaritas and I.  I instinctively backed as far into the wall as I could, so they wouldn’t spill my drink.    I then noticed the circle’s leader , started backing up into Mr. Margaritas.  Ha.  She didn’t say anything (which I thought was quite odd, why didn’t she just ask him to dance?)  She just continued to force her backside into him, she was turned around the entire time, and flailing her hands around.  The leader was obviously very keen on the mating habits of female baboons.  Mr. Margaritas just kind of gave me a blank look and shrugged, yet didn’t initiate anything, but still stood his ground.  I wasn’t finished with my drink so I just laughed and continued my middle aged male watching.

I decided that Local 16 wasn’t the best pick, so I offered one more suggestion before the night was over, Solly’s.  It began to rain on our way down U street and through the rain we heard some jazz music, decided to detour into the bar featuring the 5 man jazz band, and to wait for the rain to dissipate some.  It was actually nice listening to the jazz and not talking to Mr. Margaritas.  Reminded me of why I love the District.

Solly’s was our final destination and it was filled with karaoke aka singing along to the jukebox with a bunch of people we didn’t know; along with the jazz it was my favorite spot of the night.

Date One ended with a simple “had fun” text.  I enjoyed U street that night though, even though the actual person I went out on a date went wasn’t as enjoyable, but in all it was fun.  He did give me a dollar for the jukebox though, that made me very happy at the time.


Date Two with Mr. Seattle ( I have no quirky title for this one just yet) was much, much tamer.    Mr. Seattle is a traveling IT man who flies to Columbus, Ohio by week, and is located in DC for the weekends.  New to the area, he spent Saturday doing some sight seeing before our meet up in which he waited a good hour for me to get off work, just wandering the streets of Foggy Bottom,  I thought that was very nice of him.  I thought Pizza Paradiso would make a good dinner spot and I wanted to try a new beer.  This date had less awkward pauses and silences than the first, Mr. Seattle is a very good guy/person, he was easily excitable, and always kept the conversation going by remembering random things I had written on my profile.  Also we ordered the same pizza (aw how cute).

In all it was a nice dinner and walk through Georgetown.  The end of the night he insisted on walking me to the metro and waiting until my train came.  I received a text message 40 minutes later stating he had successfully found his way back to his car and was excited for next weekend when we tentatively have scheduled a ride on one of those double decker buses (weather permitting of course).  I also received a voicemail this afternoon after work from Mr. Seattle stating he was safely back in Columbus, Ohio.

I don’t know if I should be cautious or grateful?

Next post the road that lead to the first date………

Scary Dating Horror Stories anyone??

Email My Heart

October 3, 2009

Or just haphazardly shoot at it with pointy cliche arrows.

Much like this cheesy, ultra horrible 1999 Brittney Spears song from her debut album ….Baby One More Time (I know everyone wanted to know the background) emails from active matches on are just as bad.  These are a few of my classic quotes thus far…

“Hopefully you don’t yip and pee everywhere :)”

REALLY did you actually just type that into an email to someone you potentially want to meet in real life??  Attaching the statement with a smiley does not  make it look any better.  Please don’t compare the  girl to a dog in the first email, save it for the break up thank you very much.

“I am excited over our asset management team finally moving my boxes from one geographic site to another.”

Well I am not very excited about your topic of choice because 1.) I have no clue what exactly you are talking about 2.) This is just as interesting as me talking about the amount of units it takes to undergo a standard root canal 3.) Wow, if this gets you excited I mean how could I possibly not want to meet you in person!

“You know that feeling you get when you see a cute little puppy and your brain breaks and you just sit there and blink a few times and are entirely dumbfounded. You’re sure there’s something you were doing, something you were going to say, and somewhere you should be. But you are entirely overwhelmed with the cuteness? Yeah, that was me with your photo this morning.”

I mean don’t get me wrong, I like a little bit of  flattery now and again, but this just makes a girl like me want to run far far away, especially if you write this in the first email!   It is just a tad bit creepy.  Sappiness and cliches abound with this quote.  Once again with the dog analogies, please stop, especially with a person who cares <>this much about them(I apologize profusely to dog lovers out there).

Needless to say this person is going into the inactive/archived pile.

My Short First Email Bullet Point Presentation:

*Always begin with a standard salutation not with a pet name such as cutie, sweetie, honey, baby ect..(that is just silly)

*Keep the email length at a minimum; please don’t write an entire page about the weather and how many sweaters/shirts you need to keep your body at an appropriate temperature setting.  I just don’t care and I stop reading your email half way in.

* Less adjectives the better.

*Have your email convey a small part of who you are, we hardly know each other; just keep it short, sweet, and to the point.  Please don’t thrust out all your crazyness in one long meandering email,  I usually save my crazyness for at least the 3rd date.

Next post the inevitable first meet up and how you get there……

First date locales?  Your worst, best first date? What was the latest email to bring you to your knees or left you with tears from laughing so hard?

ElementsThese are the only 4 elements uses for “determining” an individual’s certain personality type.  There are only 4 types of people in the world according to Dr. Helen Fisher.   Dr. Fisher is a biological anthropologist at Rutgers and I think basically in her free time writes those horrible self help books for women with titles like “Why Him, Why Her?” , “Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” ,”What You Feel Can Heal” , “When You Love A Man Who Loves Himself” , “He’s Just Not That Into You”  and the list goes on, on, and on… is a huge marketing ploy for her book sales and we go along with her methods because she has obviously done years upon years of research on the mating of human beings.  Why else would she have such a thriving, trendy(ha) website?

After taking Dr. Fisher’s 45 minute questionnaire on I learned that apparently I am an empathic, “big picture” kind of   gal .  The questionnaire  involved reading the faces of random people, asking how long my ring finger is, rating my reaction to PDA, and actually that is basically all I remember from the questionnaire, it was obviously very important.

It is quite interesting though, the bot assigns you this meaningless title/personality track yet they don’t use it at all to “match” you with others, the bot  just gives you a random selection of people in your area.  Unless I a missing something here, why did I need to take the questionnaire in the first place??

Well thanks to Dr. Fisher I know now  I am at least socially and verbally  skilled enough to meet people.  That brings me hope in the deep recesses of the night.

If you are interested in a mating/dating study that is legitimately factual and a little bit fun here you go:

The Dating Go Round

I mean does anyone really look at anything besides a person’s picture on their profile anyways??  Who needs a personality when you have good bone structure…..

He Said Let There Be Light…

September 28, 2009


Bender Speaks With God In "Godfellas"

And there was light.

On the first day he brought forth 5 matches, 2 interested fellows, and 4 guys that just noticed or who were “nudged” in your direction.  Nudged is similar to “winking” on or “poking” on facebook.   Basically being “interested” is more involved than being “noticed/nudged.”    However I believe being noticed is a lot less annoying and/or creepy; because  really, who wants to be poked/winked at  by a random person either virtually or in real life?  I know I don’t.

The second day he made the fizzle/sizzle meter because he knew this was an accurate, extremely scientific method to rating other human beings.  All  based upon the profiles the bot hands out  to you.  No , you do not search for your match.   He ( bot) gives you only 5 profiles a day.  The profiles are supposedly compilable with your major/minor personality type (more on that later).   It’s basically a crap shoot and all the fizzlers are archived away never to be seen again.


The third day he proclaimed those who sizzle together become active together.    No, not sexually active, the bot  would not allow such  match making to happen so easily.  When you become active matches this  entails a grueling 3 step process that may or may not lead to the fun stuff.

active matches

Unlike on where after all the winking has commenced  you can actually send an email (with a paid account of course) to the interested parties,, goes one step further (or should I say 3 steps back?).

1.) Relationship Essentials:  Basically just an assortment of scales gauging how important random rudimentary ideas are to you such as your  love of animals (no, I don’t particularly enjoy pets,and yes that makes me the spawn of Satan), interest in the arts/literature, an individual’s ambition, educational background, fashion sense, how organized you are, blah, blah.

2.) Short Answer (sounding more and more like a high school test uh?): You need to pick  2 random questions to ask your said active match potential datee and when you both have answered these pretty useless questions (what 5 items would you bring on a deserted island) you can compare/contrast move on to step 3.

3.) Email: It is full speed ahead from here I guess, depending on what boat you get on.  Take the helm and leave the bot behind.

Disclaimer:  You can abort the mission at any given step ( I have yet to do this, but I am sure it will happen eventually)

Next post day four and five:  entailing  the methods of  Dr. Helen Fisher(creator of, the 45 minute long questionnaire you must suffer through before you can post a profile on the website, and the etiquette of the first email (yes I believe there should be email etiquette).

The three step program say, nay?  Are we crazy for putting ourselves into all this?  Interesting email ideas?

The D.C. Sphere

September 26, 2009

Welcome to the blog of a newish blogger living in Washington, D.C.; I will try my best to compose entrees that could bring  enjoyment to others while probably embarrassing myself in the end, but that’s what I am here for!

It’s an experiment of sorts.   I noticed on my past occasions with  *gasp* the livejournal community, I am proudly still a part of, readers were more apt to pay attention to stories of awkward, weird, funny, messy, complicated dates I had procured through   Yes, with that oh so catchy tag line “It’s okay to look”

the one website that young females my age should never utter in public for fear of stoning..or just really interesting looks of pity.  I have moved far beyond this.  In all sincerity the majority of people living in D.C. are workaholics and who has time to really meet people with the juggling I think a large part of the city population does on a daily basis.

So if you are thinking of joining, go for the plunge, do it!  If you are apprehensive about it and not ready to make an effort to push through a few of those boring/long silences kind of dates or move out of your comfort zone a bit, then I guess just stick to what you are doing.

It’s odd to say but I think while I was on it became much like a second job;  it’s a bit of work (not too sure if that is a good or bad thing) but once you pull through the siffting of various people, you meet some really great people and experience some awesome  things in the city that you would not of otherwised had done, if you hadn’t forked over that 40 dollars a month.   I think it was well worth it, but everyone has their own experiences and stories about it.

I did have quite a few negative experiences myself which included : men who were married and not divulging this information till after the fact we went on a date, semi to completely silent meet ups, being a cash-cow on more than 3 dates,  and those always humorous  encounters with past dates randomly on the streets or even highways of D.C.

I was on the dating train for about 3 months and then I moved so I decided to take a break and deactivated my account.

Now I have come back because I want a bit of change and a new social challenge.

My journey begins anew but with a new site: which is a sister site of

My next post: the first 5 days…

What’s your take on internet dating?  An odd social experiment that can’t be solved?  Horrible mistake?  Success stories?  Technology can’t replace good old fashion random meet ups?